Project managed by Wojciech Eisler in 2023.


Architect: NVDC Architects


Photographer: David Barbour



We are thrilled to announce our latest project, a collaboration between CONTURO and NVDC Architects:

The retrolifting of a modest '70s bungalow transformed into a 280m2 energy-efficient modern house with an open-plan living layout tailored to suit our client's needs.

We are passionate about sharing our work with everyone who appreciates attention to detail and dreams of living their ideal life! 

The design bridges the gap between classic and contemporary in a way that's both respectful and refreshingly honest.


We constructed a substantial L-shaped extension that seamlessly wraps around the existing house, providing all the extra space the client craved.

But wait, there's more! A bold, cantilevered steel frame on the south facade allows us to eliminate walls entirely, replacing them with floor-to-ceiling glass.

Now, the breathtaking garden views become an integral part of the home, blurring the line between inside and out. Prepare to be wowed by the expansive veranda, perfect for soaking up the sunshine.


Enjoy the photo session and let yourself be inspired by the designs.

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